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Multiple students were left sick and two of them had to be transported to a hospital after ingesting a substance at Waukegan High School Brookside Campus on Tuesday.
The Waukegan Fire Department was called around 2:40 p.m. Tuesday to the school, located at 2325 Brookside Avenue in Waukegan.
Waukegan School District 60 Director of Communications Nicholas Alatzakis said several students ingested an “illicit liquid substance.”
Officials did not say what kind of drugs were involved.
Alatzakis said two of the students were transported to a local hospital for observation.
At least two or three other students were also involved in ingesting the substance but they were not transported to the hospital.
Additional information was not available for release, Alatzakis said, citing student confidentiality.
The Waukegan Fire Department declined to comment on the incident.
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