Recent String of Overdoses Could be Result of Bad Drug Mix – NewsRadio 560 KPQ – KPQ

A batch of overly-powerful drugs are being blamed for a string of severe overdoses in the Wenatchee Valley.
Some local entities believe the drugs involved include heroin and/or fentanyl.
Shawn Ballard of Ballard Ambulance said that over a six-hour period beginning Sunday night emergency services responded to seven severe overdose cases.
“We ended up having four people at once not breathing down under the (George Sellar Bridge) right there before the clover leaf (in Wenatchee) that got CPR all at the same time,” stated Ballard.
Narcan was administered in every instance. One individual ended up dying.
Ballard adds that if you know someone in the throws of opioid addiction, please warn them about the possibility of a bad batch of drugs locally.
While last weekend’s overdoses came within a short period, it was a statistically average weekend according to data from the East Wenatchee Police Department.


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