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Despite drug overdoses recently hitting a record high in America, causing them to be the leading cause of death in those aged 18–45 for the first time in history, the Biden administration is using taxpayer funds to facilitate illicit drug use by providing America’s drug addicts with drug paraphernalia. As part of the Biden administration’s new “Harm Reduction Program,” the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) will soon distribute $30 million to state and local governments, non-profit organizations, and behavioral health organizations to purchase supplies and equipment such as “syringes” and “safe smoking kits/supplies” with the stated purpose of supporting “community-based overdose prevention programs, syringe service programs, and other harm reduction services.” Payments will begin to be disbursed in May, with $10 million allocated for the program on an annual basis for the next three years. 
Additionally, the Biden administration is currently “evaluating” the approval of so-called “safe injection sites” where individuals are able to go and use illegal drugs under the supervision of staffers, who are there to supply the users with paraphernalia and attempt to help them if they show signs of overdose. According to a statement from the Department of Justice on February 4th, “Although we cannot comment on pending litigation, the Department is evaluating supervised consumption sites, including discussions with state and local regulators about appropriate guardrails for such sites, as part of an overall approach to harm reduction and public safety.”
It should be noted that steps have already been taken to place “supervised consumption sites” in liberal cities across America. For example, the Democrat stronghold of New York City opened two “supervised injection sites” in November. Criminal drug users are able to go to these locations and receive government assistance to consume their contraband. This means that taxpayers in New York City are funding the illicit drug habits of addicts, and now all Americans are footing the bill for this disastrous policy that most voters vehemently disagree with. What is the point of a law if the government has designated an area where it can be broken? Moreover, why is the Biden administration more concerned about ensuring illegal drugs are consumed safely than squashing the use of said substances and reducing the cost of legal and life-saving prescription drugs? The American people deserve answers to each of these questions. Sadly, the Biden administration is unlikely to provide any.
The Biden administration’s consideration of “supervised consumption sites” and the launch of a $30 million grant program that provides funds for syringes and safe smoking kits stands in stark contrast to the position that former President Donald Trump’s administration took on the issue. Back in 2018, the Department of Justice released a statement claiming that the proposal to launch four new “safe injection sites” in New York City was “utterly incompatible with the appropriate government response to the opioid epidemic.” Additionally, Trump’s Justice Department was successful in suing against a proposed plan to open “safe injection sites” in the city of Philadelphia. According to the ruling, “supervised consumption sites” violate the Controlled Substances Act due to the fact that they maintain a location for the facilitation of illegal drug use. To quote the ruling from U.S. Circuit Judge Stephanos Bibas, “Congress has made it a crime to open a property to others to use drugs.” Since Congress has not changed the law that this ruling was based on, the Biden administration’s attempt to support a similar policy across the nation should soon be struck down as well. 
White House press secretary Jen Psaki recently attempted to justify the unfathomable program by assuring Americans that “crack pipes” would not be included in the kits. Instead, Psaki admits that the grant will be used to give individuals “clean syringes,” as if that is somehow better. According to Psaki, “This program, though, is focused on harm reduction strategies, including prioritizing the use of fentanyl test strips and clean syringes…we don’t support federal funding, direct or indirect, for pipes.” Psaki should never have needed to clarify whether it would be crack pipes or syringes that are purchased with millions of dollars in taxpayer funds since taxpayer funds should never be used for either item. 
As a result of the revelations, Republicans in Congress introduced the “Halting the Use of Narcotics Through Effective Recovery (HUNTER) Act” on Friday. If passed, the bill would “prohibit the use of federal funds to purchase, or support the purchase of, drug paraphernalia.” To quote Republican Rep. Dan Bishop, the bill’s sponsor, “The HUNTER Act is a means of encapsulating how ridiculous public policy can become when it’s in the hands of the woke.”
The solution to America’s illegal drug crisis is not the federal government supporting a place to consume illicit drugs, and it certainly will not help to give users drug paraphernalia such as “syringes” or “safe smoking kits/supplies” either. Instead, the Biden administration should be focused on blocking the imports of illicit drugs into America from across the southern border as opposed to promoting the “safe” use of illegal drugs.

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They care more about drug addicts and illegal immigrants than they do average citizens!
The stupid leading the stupid. We just can’t make this stuff up. It all just can’t be happening by accident. Evil is winning folks.
The bible says Satan leads the world, but can only do what God allows. From the beginning of the human race, a few people honor God, and the rest honor their earthly desires. From predictions two to four thousand years old, this time is predicted and the signs are expanding exponentially. A great book that spells it out is Where do we go from here by Davis Jeremiah. God alone is good, so I can’t imagine wanting any thing else.
I read this and have to wonder what Biden is smoking!
This man and his WH cronies are living proof of the biblical description that depraved people say “evil is good and good is evil, that dark is light and light is dark, that bitter is sweet and sweet is bitter.” Oh yes, that statement is preceded by, “What sorrow (woe) for those who [say those kinds of things].”
Unless things change (quickly), I’m afraid that the hammer isn’t far from the anvil.
The Biden administration should be more concerned about the 670 American Citizens and allies he left in Afghanistan than helping criminals to use dangerous illegal drugs.
This idiot is really out to destroy America and our values
This should prove to the American people that Biden has lost his freaking mind and should be commited to a facility for the insane.
Not just Biden but all the progressive and left leaning douchocrats who support such reprehensible policies.
Biden and all the socialist democrats don’t have a moral bone in their bodies. I guess that would include all of their supporters as well.
NWO is
Failing with most of the things they’ve tried so
Far and this can be another EUGENICS format!!
One word. IDIOTIC!
Who will be running these centers? Maybe Hunter. This is the most despicable, repulsive, corrupt administration in my life time.
This clown, joebama and his marxist democrat party choose to allow open borders which bolster drug cartels to make millions, poison and kill young people in Our Country!!
How immoral,corrupt and ignorant are these self serving,anti American morons???
What is taking so long for Real Citizens to be OUTRAGED and DEMAND their REMOVAL???
Wake up America , they kill your babies, kill your young sons and daughters, bring criminals,drug dealers, terrorists into your neighborhoods, destroy your history, cheat in your elections, allow your enemies to become stronger, hurt your standard of living with rampant inflation, take away your free speech,gun rights, and Freedom to worship!!!
What does it take to say ENOUGH and act to save Your Country and Your Families???
The marxist democrats are at your door to take EVERYTHING you hold dear, time to say HELL NO!!
Time for We the People to hold them ACCOUNTABLE, they work for US!
Our God given rights. NOT mam given,GOD Given rights
MUST be protected by action.
Unbelievable, or maybe not, The Jackels keep trying different ways to keep us under control, and take our attention from the truth, however there is the highest power of this earth, who is in control, and there day of reckoning is not far away..
You certainly laid out a clear summary of this administration’s accomplishments.
Reasonably thinking people are obviously outraged at these atrocities, but it appears that we’ve created a political system (or at least allowed it to happen) that while our Constitution declares these rights
i am shocked .i cant believe tbe gall of these socialist evil ppl im shocked they just boldly openly do this act like there nothing wrong with it . What happening to this country. I cant believe it u. ahocked !!
Only in this administration could such nonsense even be mentioned. What is it with this clown? Is anybody at home in his thick skull?
Jimmy Carter provided addicts free doses of methodone from booths on the street corners in Atlanta when he was Governor of Georgia. With taxpayer dollars! Both SO STUPID!
I didn’t know about that. Shows all the Democrats are on the same page. Time to close that book and open another one
Unbelievable, government presses my doctor to stop prescribing pain management meds I’ve been taking for the last 19 years, refuses to secure the southern border to slow the smuggling of fentanyl into this country, and now they want to provide crack pipes and needles to help addicts service their addiction.WTF?
Exactly – Throw them out
So where are drug addicts supposed to get the illegal drugs so they can take illegal drugs with the Biden illegal drugs paraphernalia? The insanity of the Democrat politicians continues.
When did the federal government become caretakers for dope heads, I suppose it’s when they become certified politicians.
Hey, Brandon…how about some help with the cost of my ELEQUIS! You may consider me addicted to it…
The world is being prepared for the antichrist and this is a step among many others in that direction.
How is that Protecting AMERICAN lives? DICTATOR Beijing biden wants our Guns so we CANNOT PROTECT OURSELVES and COUNTRY but GIVES DRUG ADDICTS Free Run and ILLEGAL ALIENS FREE EVERYTHING with TERRORIST antifa and blm for support.
All backed by Communist News Network and Communist harris who Bails them out.
As I have said for over 30 years,
FASCIST liberals only care about Criminals since they support them all the time. Just look who is ILLEGALLY in the WHITE HOUSE.
This how it is done in the Netherlands — another control issue against the law abiding people.
Yes- who the hel* do these useless democrats think they are?
Throw them out!
No nonsense situations are now being handled with a Pat on the back, and a shot in the arm. Sure, Dems know how to expand social programs to deal with the mess. This plan eventually eradicates THE PROBLEM, permanently.
Hmmm….kill the babies( abortion) kill the weak and compromised ( covid) and kill the young people ( fentenal)
Today’s liberal democrats and their American destruction policies!!
Throw them out!
Yup give those drugs addicts more opportunity to use drugs more often. Heck lets give them all the drugs they can stuff into themselves. The faster they kill themselves the less it costs us in the long run.
If they refuse to die then give them to that ultra democrat fauci to use in his sick twisted experiments.
If they still refuse to die that biden can ship them to the Chinese slave camps to be raped and tortured. it is their cultural norms you know.
If the still refuse to die then the Chinese can use them to harvest organs and sell to the USA hospitals.
The biden plan is great!!!
Great for death,destruction and failure!
Guess it’s why these democrat morons need to build back their bullshi* policies afterwards???
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