Across the US, more teens dying of fentanyl overdoses –

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The number of children overdosing, and dying, from illegal drugs is skyrocketing. Many young teens are unknowingly buying counterfeit pills, often through social media, that are laced with fentanyl.
that’s one of the last pictures that’s actually the shirt. He died In June of 2020. Amy Neville found her son Alexander dead in his bedroom. He went in his room and he was blue. He’s laying on his beanbag chair just like he’d gone to bed you know like he’d just fallen asleep there. Alexander was 14 years old just a child lego’s and Boy scouts and teddy bear and he died of fentaNYL. It doesn’t make sense you know it’s sometimes it’s wake up and it’s hard to understand that this is our life. Here we are, you lost him so young fentaNYL a highly toxic synthetic opioid. A drug like no other is killing middle schoolers nationwide they should be watching cartoons and eating you know bad cereal they shouldn’t be dropping dead from taking counterfeit pills. Special agent robert Murphy with the Drug enforcement administration says kids who think they’re buying Xanax or Adderall or OxyContin from their drug dealer most of the time they’re actually getting knockoffs fake pills that are laced with fentaNYL and just a few milligrams of fentaNYL can be a fatal dose. We’re seeing 40% of the pills that are being analyzed now have a potentially fatal dose of fentaNYL. But back when we were kids if a middle schooler experimented it didn’t kill them. We’re dealing with a different threat. A drug threat fentaNYL has changed that game While still rare drug deaths among Children ages 10-14 more than tripled from 2019 to 2020 according to an analysis done for CNN by the c. d. c. Just in the past month 12 year old Delilah Medeiros in California died of fentaNYL poisoning and fentaNYL killed a 13 year old boy in Connecticut. Police say they recovered 40 bags of fentaNYL from his school and about 100 bags from his bedroom. What did Alex think he was taking oxyCODONE? He thought he was taking legitimate prescriptions. The pill that alexander took, if it was a legitimate prescription pill he’d still be here. But instead that pill had enough insulin to kill at least four people. Children have grown up thinking prescription pills are safe whatever it is you’ve got pills for it. So we all trust the pills especially when they’re young. Looks legit. You didn’t know to say to Alex one pill could kill you. Exactly. We had no idea one pill would kill him. We had no idea about fentaNYL. We talked to our kid if talking to Alex is all it took. That kid would have lived forever but we were not talking about the right thing because we didn’t know about it. And where did a 14 year old a child get illegal drugs. He told us he had connected with this dealer through Snapchat buying drugs on social media is so common that the D. E. A. Has worked to figure out which emojis teens used to make the purchases. If you put the cookie a rocket and a candy bar together. It looks innocent but what I just said is I just gotta received a large shipment of highly potent Xanax bars. So these two together mean Xanax and this means Snapchat says he uses tools to detect drug dealing activity and shut down dealers and is bringing every resource to bear to fight the fentaNYL epidemic on its app and across the tech industry. Before he died, alexander had a bright future in front of him. He loved history. He had visions of one day being a director of the Smithsonian. Now on a shelf in his bedroom is an urn with his ashes.


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