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FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) – Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies said they have dismantled a street gang suspected of dealing drugs, trafficking weapons and murder in a crime crackdown that was years in the making.
Two dozen people were arrested, Tuesday.
Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony and BSO Sgt. Steven Handras addressed the arrests and their investigation during a news conference.
“These are some of the most violent offenders we have in our community, and through the grace of God, as we take them into custody, we didn’t have to worry about losing anyone on this particular watch,” said Tony.
“Our community was crying out to us, so we began an investigation into this identified street-level gang that was terrorizing the neighborhood,” said Handras.
Investigators said they had been building a case against the Alwoods Gang, which operated primarily out of the Deerfield Beach area, since 2017.
“They don’t necessarily have a defined rank structure per se. The rank structure in the leadership is given to those with the most access to the firearms and the narcotics,” said Handras.
Over the years, deputies said, they’ve made hundreds of related arrests, but they believe the 24 they apprehended on Tuesday are the heart and soul of the operation.
“We put together a methodical, coordinated effort to take everybody into custody basically at the same time,” said Handras.
In doing so, investigators said, they confiscated 40 kilos of cocaine, 20 kilos of heroin and fentanyl, dangerous weapons and over $800,000 in cash.
Tony said there’s been an uptick of gang-related street-level crime, and he’s made it a priority to clean it up.
“We have not taken our eye off that priority – to make sure this community is a safe community where people can live, reside, commute and work in without the fear of some form of violent gangs interacting in our communities,” Tony said.
Those who were taken into custody on Tuesday appeared in court Wednesday.
In addition to racketeering violations, three of those arrested, including suspect Daquan Davis, face murder charges.
“Three of them are being charged with conspiracy to commit a murder of a gang member, another gang in the neighborhood,” said Handras.
Many of the 24 people arrested Tuesday are being held without bond at the Broward County Jail in Fort Lauderdale.
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