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ASCENSION PARISH. (WAFB) – The Ascension Sheriff’s Office said their latest drug dealer round-up landed more than a dozen people behind bars.
Thomas Brady walked into the Grove Rehab addicted to narcotics, but now he helps other people get their lives back.
“My body was starting to shut down,” Brady said, “It made me completely push family, kids, everything away to where the only thing that was important and the most important thing in my life was getting the drugs that I desired. It didn’t matter who I hurt, it didn’t matter who was affected by it, it was just the most important thing was getting to meet up with my drug dealer and get the drugs.”
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Folks at the Grove said getting drug dealers off the streets helps people recovering from addiction have a greater chance of staying sober.
“Sometimes they may not have all of the tools they need to be able to survive on the streets, knowing that their local dealer is still there. It’s a temptation that’s there, it’s a dangerous temptation that’s still there, that exists,” Sheena Hock, a licensed addiction counselor, said.
As overdose deaths increase across the country, Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office said they are committed to getting narcotics off the streets.
“Part of our promise to protect and serve the residents of Ascension Parish is getting illegal narcotics off our streets, and unfortunately over the last years we’ve seen a huge uptick in overdose-related deaths and it’s not just here, it’s nationwide, we’ve seen this increase,” Donovan Jackson, Public Information Officer with Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office, said.
The sheriff’s office arrested 13 people for drug-related charges, and they have warrants for eleven more suspected dealers. Each accused of putting meth, heroin, or oxy on the streets.
Brady said the arrests are a good sign but more needs to be done.
“I think if we don’t begin to give drug dealers harsher punishments, it’s going to be a repetitive cycle that we’re never going to get out of,” he said.
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