Clinton man accused of kicking down door in search of drugs – Whidbey News-Times

Prosecutors charged Jorn Anders Aronson with residential burglary and malicious mischief Feb. 4.
A Clinton man is accused of violating a no-trespassing order last month to break into his ex-girlfriend’s house and demand drugs from her, according to court documents.
Prosecutors charged Jorn Anders Aronson, 52, with residential burglary and third degree malicious mischief, both domestic violence charges, in Island County Superior Court Feb. 4.
According to a police report on the incident, Aronson arrived at his ex-girlfriend’s Langley home Jan. 21, just two days before a three-month trespass admonishment against him was set to expire. The ex-girlfriend told the police that Aronson told her he was coming inside to get drugs, but she told him to leave the property.

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At this point, the report indicates, Aronson kicked in the door, damaging the door, the door frame, the door jam and the drywall. According to the report, he grabbed his ex and shook her forcefully, though she was not injured. She told police that Aronson left in a gold Honda Accord.
Aronson’s ex-girlfriend and her landlord both signed forms to “trespass” Aronson indefinitely, the police report states.
Initial attempts by the police to contact Aronson at his address and via cell phone were unsuccessful, the report states. Aronson is scheduled to appear in court Feb. 28.

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Prosecutors charged Jorn Anders Aronson with residential burglary and malicious mischief Feb. 4.
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