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LAYTON, Utah, Feb. 8, 2022 (Gephardt Daily) — A Davis County 18-year-old faces nine felony charges after evidence from a Layton City Police investigation suggested he ran a small drug ring, providing illegal drugs for junior and senior high school students to use and sell, among other offenses.
Preston Anthony Kilpatrick faces charges of:
The investigation began on Jan. 16 of this year when a juvenile, identified in Kilpatrick’s affidavit as Juv1, contacted police to report that Kilpatrick had beaten and robbed him after inviting him to a park to smoke marijuana. The robbery came after he had stolen a portion of Kilpatrick’s marijuana, the youth admitted.
“Juv1 reported he heard Kilpatrick say, ‘look at this,’ and observed Kilpatrick holding a ‘Glock’ to his head.” Kilpatrick and another juvenile (Juv2) hit Juv1 in the face multiple times and robbed him of a neck chain and other items, including a $700 cellphone, which was later discarded, the statement says.
Kilpatrick’s Instagram account was identified, and officers found messages planning the assault on Juv1 with others and later bragging about the attack. Later, another youth identified as Juv3 sent Kilpatrick a requested video of the attack.
“Kilpatrick walked around the victim and can clearly be seen holding a handgun,” the affidavit says. “Juv2 began yelling at the victim to ‘give me all your sh-t’ and ‘give me your chain.’ The victim began resisting, telling Juv2 he was not going to get his chain. Kilpatrick is observed on video pulling the gun from behind his back and sticking it to the head of the victim. Kilpatrick can be heard asking the victim if he wants him to shoot him.”
Detectives began intercepting Kilpatrick’s social media messages on Jan. 26, the statement says.
“One of the first messages intercepted was a Instagram group chat where Kilpatrick added Juv2, Juv3, and another 15-year-old female, identified in court papers as Juv4.
“Kilpatrick’s nickname and social media handles all include the name ‘pdawg.’ In the thread, Kilpatrick discussed the types and quantities of illegal narcotics the group will sell and how much money they will make… After each deal, Juv2 messaged Kilpatrick informing him the deal was done and telling him how the customer paid and what change was provided.”
Details of another drug deal, on Jan. 30 in Layton, followed. Later that day, “Kilpatrick was intercepted arranging and completed another deal for THC carts where he arranged for the Instagram user to meet him at his residence in Bountiful, Utah.”
On Feb. 5, a Kilpatrick message was intercepted telling several juveniles he had illegal mushrooms he planned to sell, and they could buy some for $35 to try, the police statement says.
Messages on additional drug deals also were intercepted. On Feb. 6, a message was received about a drug dispute with an eighth-grade student, whom Juv2 threatened to kill.
“Kilpatrick told him they would discuss it in person that night… Detectives believed Juv2 was actively looking to acquire a gun and was conspiring with Kilpatrick to commit another violent assault.”
The next day, Feb. 7, detectives located Kilpatrick, Juv2 and Juv3 at a mall where he  said he would deliver the mushrooms.
Kilpatrick was arrested on Monday, Feb. 7, the statement says, “and during a post Miranda interview admitted to planning, coordinating, and executing the aggravated robbery. Kilpatrick stated it was done because Juv1 stole from him. Kilpatrick admitted to using a gun in the assault but stated the gun was a ‘bb gun.’ Kilpatrick admitted to being involved with three or more people in a violent attack where a firearm was used as well,” Kilpatrick’s probable cause statement says.
“Kilpatrick admitted to having a group of ‘juvenile friends’ who sold drugs with him and that he ‘wasn’t forcing them to do it.’” He told officers he used the drug money to buy clothing and reinvest into his drug business.
Kilpatrick also admitted the “mushrooms in his possession were his and that he intended to distribute quantities of them.”
Kilpatrick was booked into the Davis County Jail, where he is being held without bail. Information on whether the juveniles were charged has not been released due to their ages.

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