OR: KAJO 99.7FM – News Story

kajo.com (US) Said the feds are looking into evidence
of false claims and forced labor surrounding an August
17th raid on a 1300-acre suspected illicit marijuana
grow at Q Bar X Ranch in Kerby. (Sun Jan 30 21:22:40
2022 PST) [$drug_related(100%),
$drugwar_propaganda(100%), $explicit_propaganda(70%),
$propaganda_theme1(100%), $propaganda_theme2(50%),
$propaganda_theme3(60%), $illegal_drugs(100%),
$drugs(90%), $plants(100%), $intoxicant(100%),
$cannabis(100%), $various_drugs(90%),
$various_illegal_drugs(100%), $incarceration(90%),
$prison_slavery(90%), $legalism(50%)]

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