Month: August 2021

We Talked to a Dealer Selling Ivermectin Through Shady Facebook Ads

Facebook makes money by allowing people to buy ads on its platform depicting ivermectin, an anti-parasitic drug commonly used in veterinary medicine, as a treatment for or preventative measure against COVID-19, even though there's no scientific evidence it's effective when used this way. Facebook also has a lengthy, detailed COVID-19 policy making clear that it

Mexico May Free the Cartel ‘Godfather’ Behind a DEA Agent’s Murder

MEXICO CITY—Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that he is open to releasing one of the world's most notorious drug lords because of his age and poor health.  The incarcerated kingpin and alleged godfather of Mexico’s contemporary drug trafficking industry, Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo has been behind bars for more than over 30 years

Fentanyl Is Creeping Into the Mainstream Drug Supply

None of the nine wealthy 20-somethings who were rushed to Manhattan emergency rooms by ambulance one night in November 2019 meant to use opioids. They all thought they were using cocaine, until seven of them passed out within minutes of the first bump. All of them needed hits of naloxone, the overdose reversal drug, on

Man Sentenced for Smuggling 80 Pounds of Speed Disguised as COVID Vaccine

A Norwegian court sentenced a man to prison after he allegedly attempted to smuggle 88 pounds of amphetamine disguised as a shipment from biotechnology company BioNTech.  According to Norwegian national broadcaster NRK, customs officials initially intercepted the 50-year-old Polish man in January shortly after he arrived from Denmark via a ferry. His van was covered

Wearable Psychedelics Could Soon Give Users Maximum Control Over Their Trip

Picture this: you enter a pharmacy, hand over your doctor’s prescription, and the pharmacist hands you back a small, lightweight, analog device, about the size of a pager. It is, the pharmacist explains, the equivalent of an insulin pump. After having it calibrated according to your recommended dosage, you go home, lift your shirt, attach

Two Wars Are Raging in Malaysia. One Against COVID, the Other on Ivermectin.

Nor Saloma was sick.  Sick of inaction from politicians who were “too busy fighting to stay in power” to pay attention to the needs of citizens; sick of the uncertainty brought about by the never-ending pandemic; and now sick with the highly contagious delta variant of the coronavirus.  Life has been “a living nightmare” for