Month: May 2020

Singapore Just Sentenced A Drug Trafficker To Death Via Zoom

Want the best of VICE News straight to your inbox? Sign up here. A man was sentenced to death in Singapore for drug trafficking offenses. In a country that has zero tolerance for illicit drugs, that’s nothing new, but in a first for the city-state, the sentence was delivered remotely, via Zoom. Punithan Genasan, a

Dutch and Mexican Gangs Are Teaming Up to Sell High-End Meth to Asia

The boat looked like any other Dutch barge, sitting idly in the port of Moerdijk in West Brabant, southern Holland. But last May, during a routine search of the vessel, police found it contained a large floating crystal meth lab, and seized methamphetamine oil with a street value of more than €4.5m ($4.86m). As night

How Stigma Created Japan’s Hidden Drug Problem

In February, Japanese actress Erika Sawajiri was convicted of possessing a small amount of MDMA powder and liquid LSD. She was given an 18-month suspended prison sentence, in which she had to abide by strict rules or risk going to prison. But Tokyo is not L.A., and Sawajiri’s true punishment was meted out in public.

Companies Making CBD Gummies, Vapes, and Lube Got Millions In Bailout Loans

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration has doled out millions in forgivable emergency loans to companies selling CBD gummies, oils and vape cartridges, despite blocking state-legal marijuana dispensaries from accessing those same rescue funds. At least three specialty CBD vendors scored a total of over $4 million in federal loans in April, according to Securities and