BMW is now CPR

replaced by “CPR”

Same Dope, Same People, Same Block Just a Different Stamp.

Ever since I got back into the dope game on them blocks in the northeastern part of philly in 2017 it seemed like everything was fentanyl. Then after talking with a few Jays that ran around the streets out there I learned that BMW was still serving the real heroin out there. So I went ahead and bought a couple of bundles to give it a try. They were right on the money with there shit and I was back at it like a crack addict, execpt that I’m a heroin addict. Thats what I’ve been getting for the last couple of years now probably going over to the city twice a month like clockwork to score them BMW and then one day about a month before this whole pandemic started. That day I did the usual things like park the Jeep a couple blocks over at the Rite Aid on Alahganany Ave and C street. Then walk down C street until it meets with Indiana Avenue where I turn right on Indy and walk the two or three blocks to Kip at the corner of needle park. Thats where I always cop my dope at so on this day I yell out “BMW?” as I didn’t see anyone at the usual corner. I get a response from a younger kid across the street. So I walk across the street.

Wanted to let everyone know if the didn’t know already that the BMW stamp has changed to the CPR Stamp

“How many?” asks the kid working the corner.
“I need 3, 15 bag bundles” I tell him.
The worker walks to the back of an abandoned lot to grab the dope as they don’t usual carry to much at one time. He comes back and hands be the shit as I pass off the money. Then we part ways as I walked back to the Rite Aid where my girlfriend is waiting with the car. Then I noticed that the bags had a different stamp on them which said “CPR” instead of the usual “BMW” that I normally get. So I think that I just got ripped off. After trying the bags, I find that I didn’t get ripped off, as the dope was decent. Tho I still wondered why someone was selling this “CPR” stamp on top of the “BMW” stamps block.

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