Month: April 2020

Drug Traffickers Are Getting Very Creative to Smuggle Cocaine Into Europe

Want the best of VICE News straight to your inbox? Sign up here. Coronavirus may be making it hard to get everyday products like toilet paper and hand sanitizer, but Europeans are still getting their cocaine — just in refrigerators of squid, pizza boxes, and even shipments of face masks. Despite the trade restrictions in

Party Rock (Full Multi Color)

Check out the dope ass dope bag that these guys “Party Rock” are repping on the block. The tux suit breast features multi colors on it (red & black) makes it pretty hard to top. Another full color bag for the collection for real.

Hype (Full Color)

This is a newer full color bag called “Hype” that’s got a different look to it with all the red outlined, bold letters and the solid red spook dude jumping out from the back of the text.

Run Over

Found this old one under my buddies refrigerator after it crooked.. you can tell its old with the pale white bleached bag that used to be blue.


Here is a fresh full color graphic bag that’s happening on the blocks right now.. or at least two weeks ago.. Check it out with the hooded girl icon gfx in blue on a white background.. not sure what block but I do know it’s some where in North philly.


I was waiting for this stamp to show up when I first saw the uber stamp, next I want to see the Door Dash or one of the food delivery phone apps like Ubber EATS???

How Alcoholics Are Coping with AA Meetings Over Zoom

This article was originally published on VICE Germany “Hi, I’m Lara, I’m an alcoholic.” About 60 people from around the world have dialed into a Zoom session of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Lara has introduced herself this way three times a week for the past nine years, but usually her audience is sitting in circle of

Devil Around

Check out this full color bag from Philly called, "Devil Around" and it's got a old school sailer jerry type devil head all over it.

Berghain Is Closed. So What Are Berlin’s Club-Goers Doing?

Berlin is the heartland of unfettered hedonism. It’s synonymous with sexual liberation. But last month when its clubs and bars, including Europe’s techno mecca Berghain, had to shut their doors because of coronavirus, it brought the city’s notorious clubbing scene to an abrupt halt. How do a group of people whose lives revolve around the